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Results calculated on sector tests. Girafacile® is not just a beach umbrella, is an innovative and cutting-edge system. Our results speak for us:

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Assembling Speed

With the patented Girafacile® system you save time and effort

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Less load, less fatigue = More relaxation, more comfort

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More Windproof

Its helical anchor guarantees stability even against the strongest gusts of wind

Girafacile: The original, the best


Rotation System

The patented Girafacile® system is the result of the study and development of our product designers. After years of research and experience in the field of comfort, we have patented a perfect system that combines design and functionality; ensuring quick assembly and greater stability has been and always is our primary goal.

Girafacile: The original, the best


UPF+ certified, Girafacile® beach umbrellas guarantee complete and safe protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. Studies and research on materials offer the best choice in terms of weight, density and colors suitable for protecting from the sun.

Girafacile: The original, the best


Windproof System

The innovative helical anchor and the wind vent guarantee a wind resistance superior than the commercial models on the market; reinforced fiberglass ribs of the dome to make it even more wind resistant. Materials and design chosen for complete relaxation.

The best beach umbrella ever

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